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Sketch Index Issues #11 – #20

Sketch Magazine #11
Feature Interview Adam and Andy Kubert (by Bill Baker), Beau Smith Read All About Me, Tom Bierbaum How To Save The Comic-Book Industry, Mike Maydak E-Comics: FLASH in a Flash, Mitch Byrd The Art of Gravity and the Gravity of Art, KLAUS Print-On-Demand: A New Publishing Option for the Less-Than-Affluent Independent Creatorl Stephen Steinbach Animation Basics 101: The Bouncing Ball, Book Reviews Uno Fanta by Ashley Wood, How to Draw Manga Special, Aaron Hubrich Digital Coloring: Setting Up Your Color Palettes
Sketch Magazine #12
Feature Interview Frank Cho (by Bill Baker), John Staton How To Draw Manga: Brandy, Beau Smith Rants, Raves and Random Notes, Tom Bierbaum Making Your Characters Real, Mitch Byrd How To Draw “Thumbnails”, Chuck Dixon How To Talk To An Editor, KLAUS How Independent Creators Can Awaken The Outside World, Chris Dreier Inking the Figure, Part 1, Paul Sizer Better Color in Comics, Aaron Hubrich Be A Super-Hero Photoshop User
Sketch Magazine #13 
Feature Interview David Michael Beck , Interview Josh Blaylock, Beau Smith “Assume” the Postion, Mitch Byrd How To Draw: Directing the Eye, Tom Bierbaum Moving Beyond “Good Guys” and “Bad Guys”, Chuck Dixon A Writer’s Guide to Pencilers, Chris Dreier Inking the Figure, Part 2, Book Review The Art of Nick Cardy, Aaron Hubrich How to Scan in Your Work, David Michael Beck My Working Process
Sketch Magazine #14
Feature Interview Neil Gaiman (by Bill Baker), Chuck Dixon Give Your Penciler a Day Off…And Make Him Love You For It, Beau Smith Pimping Can Be Easy, Hilary Barta Pencils and Inks, Tom Bierbaum School For Comic-Book Writer, Pam Bliss Minicomics Insider, Francesco How To Make Zip-Dotz, Paul Sizer The Process of Pin-Ups, Aaron Hubrich Channels: Setting Up Your Art For Digital Color
Sketch Magazine #15
Feature Interview Jan Duursema (by Bill Baker), Chuck Dixon How To Write Comics-When You Don’t Feel Like It, Mitch Byrd How To Draw: Putting the Characters in Their Place, Tom Bierbaum Art or Commerce, Chris Dreier w/ Jacob Papham Inking Basic Backgrounds, Pat Quinn Applying Perspective to Your Storytelling, Stephen Steinbach Animation 101: The Head Turn Assignment, Aaron Hubrich Digital Color: How to Make Quick Brick in Five Minutes
Sketch Magazine #16
Feature Interview J. Scott Campbell, Beau Smith, Mitch Byrd, Tom Bierbaum
Sketch Magazine #17
Feature Interview Ron Garney (by Bill Baker), Beau Smith The Big Keep, Chuck Dixon Keeping It Real, Mitch Byrd Light Up Your Pencils, Tom Bierbaum How To Be Funny, Bill Baker The Violent Messiahs on the Honing of “Scalpel”, Pat Quinn Coming to Terms With Your Inks, Aaron Hubrich Digital Coloring: Grayscaling: It’s the Next Best Thing
Sketch Magazine #18
Feature Interview Pat Lee (by Bill Baker), Beau Smith Full Court Press Release, Mitch Byrd Some Notes About Tones, Chuck Dixon There’s Got To Be a Pony Here Somewhere, Mike Dominic How To Publish a Comic For Next To Nothing, Tom Bierbaum When They Hate Your Comic, Pat Quinn Point Perspective, Aaron Hubrich Some Background on Backgrounds
Sketch Magazine #19
Feature Alan Moore, Beau Smith I Sold My Soul on eBay, Mitch Byrd Proper Staging, Chuck Dixon Kiss Me and Make It a Love Story, Tom Bierbaum Your Job Doesn’t End on Page 22, Dan Davis Following the Comic Book Creative Process From Start to Finish…, Francesco! Spring Into Cleaning, Reviews Books , Reviews Tool Crib, Aaron Hubrich Lens Flares Made Easy
Sketch Magazine #20
Feature J. Michael Straczynski, Beau Smith How I Busted in the Comic Business in Eight, Punches Or Less, Mitch Byrd Storyboards, Chuck Dixon It’s Time to Listen to the Voices in Your Head, Bob Hickey Comic Book Tech: It’s Only Paper!, Tom Bierbaum 101 Tips for Saying It in Plain English, Bob Hickey Copic Markers, Bob Hickey Comic Book Tech: FW-Black, Aaron Hubrich Quick Colors Over Pencils Using Photoshop