All the Tips and Tricks to Creating You Own Comic Book



How do you stay motivated?

This can be the hardest thing you overcome in the process of creating comic books. Is motivation always there when you have the time to create? Many things can come between creating and “life”. 

What I mean by life is family, friends and other emotional situations that keep you from being creative. 

Also, something I’ve had to deal with over the past four years is that I’ve had three ankle surgeries. And while you may think I would have all kinds of time to be creative actually it was just the opposite. The pain and medicine you have to deal with keeps you from focusing on the projects.

So, with so many things getting in the way of creating, what can you do to keep moving forward?

For one thing, treat it like a job. Like a job, you make time to being productive. Whether it’s daily or weekly, try to plan time to just work on your current project. Perhaps choose the same time of the day or week but make the effort and plan nothing else expect to be creative during that time frame.

Try to not have too many projects going at one time. Stay focused on one project to completion and then start the next. (My own achilles heel. I usually keep five things going at once.) This is my first priority to fix.

Read comics. You would think this one is simple but you’d be surprised how many creators don’t read many comics and try different varieties of comic.  How are you going to build a fanbase for your comic if you don’t look at other comics and see who is reading them, how they are selling, etc. Revisit the artist that got you hooked on creating comics in the first place.

Set a goal. Again this should be simple but it isn’t always. Make the goals realistic and achievable. Once you complete that goal then set your next. This  should help keep you on schedule and build confidence.

Get with other creators and share ideas. Even though you’re taking away from time that could be spent creating, for some it’s necessary to recharge your “batteries” and discuss ideas and concepts with friends and fellow creators.

Motivation comes from many areas so when it hits you out of nowhere, run with it. Grab it and sprint to the nearest art table, computer or napkin.

Draw/write it down and build upon it.

Robert W. Hickey

Author, Artist, Publisher Business Owner Founder of
Robert is the founder & co-owner of Blue Line Pro/Blue Line Art, Creator of Blood & Rose, StormQuest, Clay’s Way, Paradox Wars, Darkness Chronicles, Tempered Steele and HellGirl comics. He is the creator and co-author of Camelot Forever book series, Publisher of Sketch Magazine. . Co-owner of Nostalgic Video Games a retro video game mega store located in Northern KY.