Feb 182014


From Bill Nichols

StormQuest is one of the comics I’ve been involved with over the past several years, as an inker, now as a writer) If you’ve followed me, or gone to school with me, or been mentored by me, here’s a chance to see that first mini-series collected into a single volume. Go check it out and pledge. And share the link to help make this campaign happen.


The StormQuest: TimeStorm graphic novel offers fans a chance to read the beginning of the SkyStorm Universe.
StormQuest: TimeStorm is a 150+ page full color graphic novel written by Tom and Mary Bierbaum (DC’s Legion of Superheroes, Legionaries) Illustrated by Greg Land (Marvel’s Iron Man, X-Men), Willie Peppers (Southern Knights), Jerry Foley, Bill Nichols and Robert W. Hickey.
StormQuest: TimeStorm is the opening chapter of the ongoing tale of the SkyStorm Universe. In TimeStorm we see a group of curious explorers create havoc and rip a hole in time, transforming them with enhanced powers and bringing out the nobility to fix the wrongs that they may have caused to the timestream.

Feb 182014

One of the ongoing projects we have online is the SkyStorm Saga, an epic story that crosses all kinds of lines in terms of SkyStorm Universe with contributions from Robert W. Hickey, Renae De Liz, Chris Dreier, Richard Pollard, Willie Peppers, Bill Nichols, Aero Zero and others. There’s a new page posting every Tuesday and Thursday, so check it out.

Here’s a link to the very first page. Read it all!


Dec 182013

Leinil Francis Yu:
One of my favorite facial angles. Here’s how I draw upshots without reference. I do encourage the use of reference (action figure) to have an easier time and better results. I also had to switch views/reverse angles in order to catch mistakes.

Real time so you’d see the process clearly. Normally, I wouldn’t stop at this point and will still continue to refine it. Note: for traditional artists, draw on the reverse side of the paper to refine your drawings. then erase the “old” side and do it again if needed. Rinse and repeat.

Or simply just look at the reverse side (against the light or a mirror) and make your corrections. Hope it helps.

Dec 152013

From my friend and one of my all-time favorite comics artists, Pat Broderick:

“I’m announcing that I’m holding my American workshop early January, so if any one’s interested on the developmental steps of creating comics drop by my website www.theartofpatbroderick.com or contact me on Facebook. I’m coming direct into your own home with direct, step by step visual examples of creating any type of illustrations right there with direct communication. these sessions are 3 and a half hours long from beginning to end.”


Environments will be one area covered in the online class. For example:

So, go to www.theartofpatbroderick.com and sign up!