Daily Art Tips and Techniques

Unless you are making a comic of the “Skeleton Brothers and their Skeleton Friends” , you will need to learn how to color skin properly. Learning layering of colors and the color theory behind it done by hand by a talented artist like the young woman in this video are equally applicable to the digital canvas as well. Plus, I have long been of the opinion that it is better to learn to do the work by hand first and then transfer those skills to your digital work.




Sketch Magazine #46

Features Gail Simone writer extraordinary!

This issue takes a look at comics creator Gail Simone from writing for DC Comics to Dynamite to her own creator owned projects.

Cover image features Red Sonja written by Gail Simone and published by Dynamite.

Coming out soon!



sketch45-01Sketch Magazine #45
Featuring Frank Cho, Artist Extraordinaire
This issue takes a look at comics creator Frank Cho from working with Marvel Comics to self-publishing to running a very successful Kickstarter.

Sketch continues to satisfy the yearn-to-learn of comics creators of all levels with several “how-to” instructional from tried-and-true industry talents, and is packed with penciling, computer coloring, and marketing tips to help you become an artistic rising star.

Great information, inspiration, and fun! 

SKETCH MAGAZINE #45 Frank Cho, 56pg, Color/B&W, Saddle stitched. Bi-monthly, SRP $6.95,Item # SK1045

sketch44-01Sketch Magazine #44

Features an in-depth interview of DC superstar artist Ivan Reis. Ivan shares tips, techniques and some personal stories about becoming a comic book artist.

This issue also includes an interview by John Wilson with hard-working independent creator Scott Story who shares many of his successes.

Awesome inker Scott Hanna turns in a step-by-step of his inking over Ivan Reis’ pencils on Justice League while inker Le Beau Underwood in over the Green Lantern Corps pencils of Chris Batista. Patrick Blaine shows off a look at his process painting while we take a look at the art of Dan Fraga and his project The Graves. 

Meanwhile, longtime columnist Tom Bierbaum delivers his thought-provoking ideas on writing comics.

And we announce a contest! Check it out!


Sketch Magazine #43

Features the art of Jim Lee starting with a beautiful Superman cover.

Tom Bierbaum bring his years of experience of working in the the comic industry to his column. Mike Baron shares his thought on writing and Walden Wong shows us his ability as an inker.

Meghan Hetrick break downs the step of creating a beautiful Lady Death commission piece of artwork. One of the most detailed articles to have appeared in Sketch.