When I was younger, I took things for granted. Okay, I still do, but I’m trying to better…

Among other things, that’s included the artists and writers who produced the comics I loved….

With each passing month, it seems as though we lose a name from the Honor Roll of Comics, some of them like Michael Turner and Mike Wieringo who were not that old but tragic losses of talent just the same. What will we do when all that talent and all that knowledge passes from reach?

Actually, that’s happening even now but the real tragedy is that many of our comics veterans are still alive, still functioning, and still able to produce comics. However, they’ve been passed over and passed by in favor of other, fresher faces and styles. Some get by, some do other things, some think of the days when they produced stories of our heroes and wish they could again.

Well, why can’t they…?

Or better yet, why can’t they do comics?

I’m not advocating ditching the younger talent. No, not at all! But I would love to see things opened up in our society where literacy needs a shot in the arm. Hey, I learned to read and read better because of comics…and I’m not the only one, I’ve been told.

If I had the funding, I’d try something radical like take a chance on these comics veterans and do what I’m talking about. I wouldn’t be the only one who would love to see that. Maybe there are opportunities waiting…you never know, right?  I want to make my Sparta Bay characters come to life (so to speak), there’s a talent pool just waiting if I could afford them.

And yes, that’s the thing: money. It’s out there…we just need to find ways to spread it around…Washington may not be able to fix some things, but we could make a dent somewhere, I’m sure… ?

There’s a lot of comics knowledge and know-how going to waste so I’d love to see some tutorial opportunities and have some teaching moments with these folks. Heck, I’m the editor of Sketch Magazine and I can use their wisdom!

Can’t you?

Feel free to share this, comment on this, round me up some of the very people about whom I write…join up and help make it a reality.

Bill Nichols


This was originally posted on Facebook a couple of years ago and I think it still holds true. Out of our past we find the foundations for our future. Don’t let the legacy of those foundations of our industry get eroded away.