Doubt is something we creative individuals seem to really struggle with sometimes, right?

It may seem as though it strikes us more than the average person but really everyone deals with it in some way, if you think about it.  It may just be that our struggles are more visual being art- or story-wise, or more tangible as in book- or project-wise, you get the idea. We are a visual medium doing these things called comic books and other creative works.

We want our stuff to look great, to be enjoyed by others, to be something that inspires others to follow in our path, to adore us.

But what if they don’t ?

What if the work we do will only be enjoyed by a select few? Or perhaps only ourselves?

So, what if it is? What will you do?

Do you quit?

Do you move on to the next thing on your list of things to do?

Self-doubt is one of those things that can hold you back from doing the things you love doing by making you question your every move.

Self-doubt can rob you of your joy.

Self-doubt has no place in your creative life.

So, move forward. Ignore the niggling needles of self-doubt that hamper your efforts. Keep at it and think about what you’re trying to do. Think about your joy at creating something.

Move forward and let others see that creative joy take shape into something you are proud of.

Let others be inspired by your struggle to create something and then see you achieve t.

Just create. Just do. Just don’t worry about the doubt and self-doubt. It’s a decision you can make to overcome.

Just be the best you can be.

-Bill Nichols