Brant Fowler

Brant is the writer/creator of THE LAST EMBER, the flagship title of Last Ember Press (LEP) which he co-founded and serves as Co-Publisher. Most notably, he has lettered comics for companies such as Image Comics, Action Lab Entertainment and Moonstone Books. He has also done flats for books for DC, Marvel, IDW, Archie, BOOM! Studios and more. Brant is a fan of fantasy, superheroes, TV & film, and might be addicted to wrestling. In some parts he is also known as the Gonzogoose, why we may never know.

Brant also designs Kickstarter pages for several clients in a work-for-hire basis, handling graphic design and layout. You may find him listed as a collaborator or designer on one you come across!

An Air Force brat, Brant traveled across the southern US before settling in Kentucky for most of his life. He now lives in Texas with his fiance and two dogs.


Lettering: Image Comics (Zombie Cop, Descendants), Action Lab Comics (Jack Hammer, Fight Like a Girl (logo and title pages), Super Human Resources), Moonstone Books (Black Bat/Domino Lady, IV Frost, Guns of the Black Bat), Arcana Comics (Affliction, Corrective Measures), Last Ember Press (The Last Ember, Pneumatic Cases, Celestial Falcon, The Secrets of Willowmyst, Fireside Tales), Evoluzione Publishing (SFC, Angelica Reigns, POM, Kasai), ComixTribe (Red Ten (3 pages), Assailant Comics (Binary Gray, Black of Heart, Open Tree), Gleaming Scythe Publishing (Black Paw, Vasteel Heart), And various others.

I’ve worked on probably around 120-130 different comic projects give or take, multiple issues of many of them. Thousands of lettered pages.