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Freaks & Gods Page 15 by Chris Dreier

Welcome back to Panel by Panel. It’s like my diary of creating my comic. Here you’ll see the progress of my comic Tales of the Dark Tunnel (which is world-building for my series Freaks & Gods). Also, you may see some tips, shortcuts, ideas for story flow, how-tos, problem-solving, or maybe you’re just here to see some cool art.

This week will be a short one so let’s jump right into page 15.


This page has some weighty dialogue between our three lost heroes. In this panel, we have a close up of Flame Girl and Magno. I used feathering (again) to flesh out his face and add to the shapes. The feathering on his cheek is a great example, also around his mouth and lower lip. I changed up Flame Girl’s eyelashes a bit like I always do. It’s sort of a “my look” kind of thing.



Another example of an inker’s job. Flame Girl looks rigid with angular lines and black areas. I softened the figure by rounding over corners and tapering black areas with feathering. I also lowered her head. I thought it sat too high up on her shoulders.


Look back and forth at the pencils and inks of this close up of Atoman. I made a lot of minor changes and additions and I really like how this turned out. What do you think? Let me know in ShoutFyre Forums!




This panel is a moment of silence when Atoman learns a little something about Flame Girl. Whatever it is, he’s not too happy about it and Flame Girl just looks like she’s angry with a bit of “don’t give a crap” mixed in.

I did think Atoman’s head was a bit too small so I enlarged it slightly. Not much to add about this panel that I haven’t already mentioned above.

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That should do it for this week. Thanks so much for checking out my how-to/follow along progression diary of my comic book series. I really hope you are enjoying it!

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I truly hope you and your family stay safe and healthy during these strange times. 

Keep making comics and we’ll see you next week!

Chris Dreier

Writer, Artist, Inker, Colorist
His career as an inker over the past twenty years had him working with Antarctic Press, Chaos Comics, AC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Avatar Press, IDW,  SkyStorm Studios, and Joe Books. Chris is currently working on his creator-own project Freaks & Gods.