Jeremy O’Ryan “Skarekro” Six Steps to Drawing Stylized Faces

1. First draw a circle. Very Simple.

2. Decide what direction and angle you want the face to point, and draw an angled cross.

3. At the point where the lines of the cross meet, draw the nose and eyes. The where the bottom of the eye closest to the edge of the circle is where I like to make the “Cheek”, so amble, soften the circle by drawing an angle line from point “A” to point “B” of the cross.

4. Once you decide the “expression” you can start drawing the mouth. (I went with a happy expression.)

5. Decide the hairstyle. It should be drawn above the eyes and go to where you decide to place the ear. Also, place the pupils in the eyes. Where you place the pupils determines where or in what direction your character is looking.

6. Clean up your “Face”, erase unnecessary lines, and you should be ready to ink if you want.

Here’s how it looks on a figure. See how adding movement with the body and a slight tilt upwards brings the whole figure alive.

Just for fun I created five faces looking at different angles, and different expressions, as well as the original starting circle.

Jeremy Dreier (Skarekro)

Jeremy has refined his style of cartooning and design applying it comics and graphic design.