ShoutFyre Podcast 12

Robert and Bill discuss Discipline VS Creativity for comic book creators and how they handle the difference.

Robert W. Hickey

Writer, Artist, Publisher, Comic Book Enthusiast 
Robert is the founder & co-owner of Blue Line Pro/Blue Line Art, Creator of Blood & Rose, StormQuest, Clay’s Way, Paradox Wars, Darkness Chronicles, Tempered Steele and HellGirl comics. He is the creator and co-author of Camelot Forever book series, Publisher of Sketch Magazine. Co-owner of Nostalgic Video Games a retro video game mega store located in Northern KY.

Bill Love

Sketch Magazine Contributing Editor, Lifelong Comic Book Reader
Bill has read and collected comic books of all genres spanning the history of comics. From editing in television to years of working in comic book stores, Bill offers a very unique perspective of the comic industry, its creators as well as insights into where the industry is moving to in the future.