It’s an easy thing to hear only the good things about the latest pages, in art or prose, we’ve done. It could be from family or friends or even other creators, but with enough of that we can start to believe in just those and lose a connection to the things we still need to work on.

Don’t just accept the good critiques. Pay attention to the bad.

If you want, keep a list of both the positive and negative comments that you get on your work/samples. Sure, there may be some things that you’re used to hearing and so, have become a little immune to, but the more you show your work/samples around, you can get a wider variety of opinions from a diverse group of people, both pro and not.

Don’t let those negative comments get you down, though. Consider them and look at your work/samples. Can you see any validity to them. It’s difficult to be objective about our own work, but just take a look at things you did six months ago or a year. Do you see a difference? Was there an improvement?

Six months from now you may look back and see where those negative comments might ring true a little, but if you work on those things and learn to overcome them, you grow as a creator.

And the negative comments become a thing of the past, or at least there may be fewer of them. Some people will always have something to say and sometimes that’s meant to build themselves up while knocking you down. You may know those types already, but again, listen to what they have to say because there may be a kernel of truth in that..

Create.   Listen.   Learn.  

Create some more.


-Bill Nichols