Sometimes I will begin my day with that thought. You may think there’s nothing new to learn after awhile but you might be surprised to find something you hadn’t thought of or counted to worm its way into your day.

It might be something about an idea you’ve had, some twist in the plot, or a new story idea, something.

It might be something about yourself, some insight into character or your very nature, some wrinkle in the fabric of your life you need to iron out.

It might be a new artistic technique you need to try, some way of drawing, sketching, painting that will stretch your abilities in a way you’ve never attempted before.

Our journey through this life is one of exploration, both inward and outward, finding out who we are and where we fit in, finding new ways and ideas to express ourselves.

Try it. Think that thought aloud or just to yourself as you start your day when you brush your teeth, put sugar in your coffee, go to work, sometime. Then don’t dwell on it. Let the day happen and see what happens.

It may happen to you and you may not even realize it or its significance. And the realization may hit you like a lightning bolt.  At that point, it’s up to you to figure out what you should do going forward armed with that insight.

You can ignore it or try to pass it off as some flight of fancy. Nah, it couldn’t be me. It couldn’t be that. Whatever it is, think about it, consider it, turn it over in your mind and reflect. And if you recognize it for the gift it is, act on it.

And then…

Try it again the next day. Do it as many days as you want or feel comfortable with. Change is sometimes a little hard to swallow but once you’re on a roll, you may be trying new things, embarking on new adventures, painting new pictures, telling new stories.

The sky is the limit here. We can all become better creators, better friends, better spouses, better workers, better people.

Just try it.

And I hope you blessed with that gift of insight you may need in whatever area of your life you may need it in.

Feel free to leave a comment if this helped you in some way. Perhaps it will inspire others to give it a try.

-Bill Nichols