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Freaks & Gods Page 7 by Chris Dreier


Here is page 7 Giuseppe (D’Elia) sent me. I like the attack in top panel and the bottom is really nice too. The round panel with a close-up of Atoman’s eye is very much like page 3 where Flame Girl tells her story. But panel three was just lacking…the script said the giant robot was running toward the “Atomic Institute”. But all we have is just the building. So I asked if he could revise it.


Of course he did because he’s one of the best pencilers I’ve worked with. And here is the revised page. But I still didn’t like the round panel with the close-up of the eye.


So here is my revised page 7 after Giuseppe’s revised page 7.



Here’s panel three finished. During lettering/inking I added a sign to the top of the building that read “Atomic Institute” (the lettering layer is turned off).


I also put a chain link fence in as well. I made a selection of where the fence will be and clicked the tone button underneath the selection and used these settings. Play around with these settings for your projects. There are a lot of cool things that can be done.


PART 03­

Blasting the robot! This is a pretty straightforward ink work. Of course the energy blast as well as Atoman’s hand was inked on a separate layer so I can change the color. I used a tone on the robot in places. It fits with page 5, last panel, as the tank was transforming.


Same with this panel…very straightforward inks. Now that I look at this panel I think I may add a sound effect. Hmmm?



I used two layers for this panel. The Dark Tunnel and the crackling energy is on one panel while Atoman is on another. I inked the backgrounds first.

Next, I inked Atoman. I didn’t like the placement of his fist so I inked through it.


With the overlapping layers masked off this panel is complete!



The bottom panel has a nice somber feel to it. I like it.

The leaves and trees are inked on a different layer. Again, this way I change the color and help create an illusion of depth. I also inked Flame Girl’s head then moved it up just a bit and increased its size. Just a little bit but it was enough and I’m really happy with it.


Thanks again for checking out my Panel by Panel and hope to see you next week!

Chris Dreier

Writer, Artist, Inker, Colorist
His career as an inker over the past twenty years had him working with Antarctic Press, Chaos Comics, AC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Avatar Press, IDW,  SkyStorm Studios, and Joe Books. Chris is currently working on his creator-own project Freaks & Gods.