Stylized Chibi Design by Jeremy O’Ryan “Skarekro”

As an aspiring artist, my advice is to keep a small sketchbook and a case with a pencil, pen, eraser and a sharpener with you at all times. Inspiration and ideas can come to you when you least expect it, while you’re driving, at work at a doctors appointment and at the grocery store. With these supplies with you at all times, you can sketch what comes to you quickly and iron out the details later, quick sketch now so you won’t forget it.

Another piece of advice is as an artist your worst critic is yourself. Just have fun drawing and always remember the more you draw, the better you will get and you will never stop perfecting your look. You will always improve.

When I first started, I would mimic my favorite artists and over time I used what I had learned to create a “style” on my own.

Work hard, always draw and never doubt your abilities.

Now for the fun stuff.

Eight Steps to Drawing A Stylized Chibi Character. 

Step 1

Begin with a Circle for the basic head shape.

Step 2

Decide which direction you want the character to look. Then draw a cross over the circle that you just drew.

Step 3

Decide the facial expression, the outline of the eyes, the nose, pick the mouth expression and shape the details of the head. 

Step 4

Add ears and sketch a rough outline of the body in the pose that you decide.

Step 5 

Add hair or a hat to the head, and add clothes. Detail the eyes and add accessories.

Step 6

Clean up and tighten your lines

Step 7

Finish the details of the clothing and add shading.

Step 8 Add background, add words and then tighten, darken and clean up your lines and add any last minute details.

With these eight steps you have a complete pencil design of your chibi character.

Jeremy Dreier (Skarekro)

Jeremy has refined his style of cartooning and design applying it comics and graphic design.