No Fans

If there are no fans then there’s no …

I heard this on an interview and started thinking how that simple statement is true with any entertainment, especially comic books.

Unless you’re working on a character that has a huge following (fans) it’s up to the creator to build a fan base one reader at a time and keep them.

My personal goal for next year is to get creative and start building a fanbase for my writing and comic book work. I have a few ideas that I’ll share as they are implemented at I believe they will be two separate fanbases with minimum crossover from my experience so double the work to be successful.

You’ll spend more time building and sustaining a fanbase than creating. That’s sad but true. One thing I don’t believe you will have to do is comic conventions. I believe they are a waste of money and precious time.

Over the next few months we’ll discuss fans… how to find them, and keep them involved in your projects and get your projects into their hands.

One thing for sure, you’ll have to get your projects available in as many places as possible that fans can find it. We’ll look at individual stores, online mall-like stores and distribution centers along with crowdfunding things like Kickstarter. It’s all about exposure and availability.

We all start with no fans (except perhaps for family and friends). We’ll do our best at to show you how to create that fanbase and the micro niche that you will need to support your creations.

So,  what’s on my art table..?

I’m wrapping up a total overhaul of the website and in the process we realized that 2020 will be our 30th anniversary. So, it’s only appropriate that we launch our next phase of helping comic creators:

I also decided to overhaul the cover for my and Bill Nichols’ short story called CAMELOT FOREVER: SNOWFLAKE. The new printing will have a better-designed back cover and printed at the size of a standard paperback. Check for a future post about the changes to the SNOWFLAKE cover.

And, oh yeah, I’ve also got comic book projects in the works along with setting up more locations to move these projects.

Now I just need to find some fans…

take care,