FREAKS & GODS #7 COVER INKS by Chris Dreier


We going to start inking the cover to issue 7 of Freaks & Gods. The cover marked “B” is how I received it from the series penciler Giuseppe. I liked it but I needed it to be a bit more dramatic. I moved the floating heads around little bit and zoomed in on the two characters fighting (Atum and his evil alternate). Also gave them a slight dutch angle (A). In the end it’s a bit more dramatic and now the reader will feel up close to the action.

So first thing I started on was Hyde (the guy with the big hair). As usual I used the symmetrical rule. In the half inked image you can (hopefully) see a thin purple line down the center of his face. Everything I ink on one side is copied to the other. If I’m inking a slight on shot of a face (head) it drives me crazy if it turns out unsymmetrical. I don’t know why it just does. Looking at other artists’ work doens’t bother at all it only seem if I’m inking them…strange? Yes. Anyway…

Looking at the pencil close up I really liked the right side of the face so that was the side I primarily inked. Once it was finished the face was to wide (you can sort of see what I mean by the half inked image). So I used “warp”.


Make a selection the closer to the edges the better and then Edit–> Transform–> Mesh Transformation.

A grid appears over your selection and as you move the points around it will bend, twist, and warp it. This is what I decided on in the end.

And he’s done. You will definitively see the difference between pencils and final inks.



This is a short one today. The close up of Steve-Steph is to demonstrate the differences between penciled and inked lines. Something I don’t think is talked about enough.

The pencil lines of the ear and eyes are flat, perhaps sketchy, with no variations of line weight (thick or thin). The inked lines are varied and give a sense of depth and form to the ear as well as the face and hair.

Look back and forth and you’ll see different decisions I made that were either hinted at in the pencils or were not there at all.

I know…it’s just an ear or a few lines on an eye. But if you put even the smallest amount of thought into something like an ear just imagine how you might approach an entire project.

Lastly, check out the finished inks for the “floating heads” across the top part of the cover. Pretty cool, right?



Cover inks so far. Look at all the pencils lines beneath the inks. Sometimes as an inker you are better off leaving out some things that would be distracting or might make the page look muddy when reduced down to print size.


Check on Bad Atum’s hood. He’s on the left.  As you can see from the pencils it looks more like a form-fitting helmet than a hood.


I didn’t really notice it until I got this far into inking. I fixed it by extending the back all the way down. Pretty easy fix actually.



The finished cover. I added a tone to the Atums fighting. Not much but just enough to define shape and light sources.

In up coming posts I will explain how to make the colored lines you can see in the background as well as how to add tone. So stay tuned and keep coming back to follow the progression of Freaks & Gods page by page, panel by panel.