What are you working on right now? Comics? Novels? Animation?

Me, I’ve been building ShoutFyre.com.

Actually, this is the second time I’ve built ShoutFyre. The first time was a major learning experience. I went out and built a social media site that had all the bells and whistles of Facebook.

After several months of testing we were ready to launch and I sat down with my lawyer. He looked over everything and said he could appreciate all the work that went into it, but he wasn’t sure if I realized that with a site like this,  I could open myself up to being sued on a daily basis.

Even if the suits didn’t go anywhere, I would still need representation and so, armed with that bit of harsh news, I deleted 12 months and thousands of dollars of work and decided to do what we do best and that’s help people do what they want… create comics.

If you’re reading this, then SoutFyre.com has launched. Awesome!

Now it’s back to unfinished projects. Do you have an unfinished project or project that you want to do but never have the “time”?

Unfortunately, I have several that had to be put on hold so I could spend the past couple of months working on my “day” job, which isn’t one of those 40-hour- a-week, 9 to 5 jobs. No, I own a retro video game store in NKY called Nostalgic Video Games. We’ve totally rebuilt the store and are in the process of organizing the warehouse and production steps along with building a larger social media presence. I’m involved in every step.

So with the “day” job keeping me very busy, I’ve decided to make a list of the projects that I currently have started. And putting them in order as to which one can be completed quickest to new projects that I want to start.

The first two projects to complete are the Camelot Forever novels. The first novel I have about 90% written and I believe my co-author Bill Nichols has much of his part written. The second novel is about 45% written. I’m looking forward to getting back and finishing both of these early 2020.

The next project has been in the works for over 15 years: Paradox Wars, a comic that encompasses all of the characters and storylines that I’ve ever created. You see, a few years ago I finally realized that there was no way I could ever create and keep producing six comic book titles. The market won’t allow it and keeping up with the creators etc etc. So I decide to wrap it all into a single title.

The first issue is penciled by the very talented Mitch Byrd and inked by Bill Nichols and myself with colors by Aero Zero. We just need to letter and do final production. Instead of going the normal distributor route we are going to use Kickstarter and document every step here at ShoutFyre so everyone see what we are doing right and wrong. We hope to launch it early spring with a ship date of late summer.

Next will be an all new adventure for me. Since I own a retro video game store I see a need to create new content for older game systems like the Nintendo, Super Nintendo and N64. If you’re a gamer you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I’ve taken a creation of mine that I’ve wanted to do something with for a long time and started reworking it into a video game. This character will also appear in the Paradox Wars comics down the road but for now we are working on building a NES game that will be available on cartridge for gamers to play. I’ve spent some time building a team around this project and even retweeted the original logo. (See updating a logo article under the comic book studio section of ShoutFyre)

Along with video games my son and I have decided to take another project that was originally created for a card game titled LORDS OF THE LABYRINTH and create a D&D world with the material. I’m really looking forward for this project. We should be starting it early next year.

All of these projects will be documented at ShoutFyre and used as a learning tool for other creators to see what works and what doesn’t.

I may also be easing back into the convention circuit next year with a few shows. Looking forward to seeing the other creators and what they are working on.

Take care,

Robert W. Hickey