I think comics are treated the way they are, mainly because of the way they look and feel.

 Walk into any bookstore and you will see that presentation demands respect. If comics stay the way they are, size, format, paper, then they will always be treated like magazines and be disposable…and on some level, the people making them will continue to think of them as disposable entertainment.

 Rebooting a line is fun, but at its core, the stories have to be better, mean something, push the characters forward, and entertain in the process.

 I look forward to the time when each title comes out quarterly and they are hardcover books with 68-page single stories. If your basic comic is 22 pages and comes out 12 times a year- that is 264 pages a year. Making them quarterly with better paper, larger print size- hardcover stock and single stories per book, gives us 272 pages a year—longer shelf life-more focused stories, single-artist stories, and with the amount of titles that DC and MARVEL put out, there will still be new books coming out each week.

 On the financial side, you charge accordingly for the books and even better, with a longer shelf life and better visibility , a company can dig in and get major advertisers involved with the books. Yeah, I know some of you hate the ads, but they subsidize a lot of costs and as long as they don’t screw up the story, are a necessary thing.

 As well…we are looking at the demographics of comics changing. The people that buy them have more money, more females are buying the books and so on- so why aren’t we seeing advertising aimed at these new stats? Why are there new car ads and perfume company ads, fashion and so on in the books? Why is the advertising limited to each companies internal products and video games? People that buy comics own homes, go to school, travel, and consume other things. Anyway, that’s the end of my rant for now.

 I have been saying this stuff for years and will be applying it to the the Paperfilms books from now on.

Opinions are welcome folks.

Jimmy Palmiotti

Originally posted on Mr. Palmiotti Facebook page and reposted here with his permission.