This from Jimmy Palmiotti popped up in my FB feed from where I shared it a year ago and I thought it might bear repeating.

Bill Nichols


SOME OBVIOUS ADVICE to comic book people:

When you get a contract, get a lawyer to read it over.

Understand that work for hire is exactly that. You do not own rights nor can you claim any rights to the material you created, even if it’s years later. I know a lot of people had some issues in the past, but I am talking today on…not preaching to those with situations.

Tell your lawyer every single concern you have and have them work it out with the client ,till you are satisfied.

Put a % of your money away, because you are responsible for your own future, not a company, a parent or anyone else. Plan now for the future and learn from others.

BUY medical insurance for your self…even the cheapest one is better than none. Even having catastrophic insurance will help you eventually.

Its easy to pick on people, companies and so on, but once you do, you cant go back. Be smart and research before you point fingers. Most people I know have huge memories and will never forget what you say…and years later, it will bite you in the ass. Be smart and complain to your spouse/friends and not the internet, unless you have all the facts.

When you have all the facts, check them again and look at what you are writing objectively…as if it was someone else writing it …and then e mail it to yourself to read the next day clean.

Be generous , give to others and don’t go around boasting about it or using it for your own publicity. Knowing you helped should be enough.

Spend some time daily complimenting others work, on line and off…and encourage those trying to break into our business.

Spend less time on message boards unless you really feel you have something to say. Time on the boards is time of your own board.

If you disagree with any of this, let me know why…because I am open to learn and correct anything I believe to be proven wrong.

and last:

Support artistic people…they make the world more interesting.

Jimmy Palmiotti

Originally posted on Mr. Palmiotti Facebook page and reposted here with his permission.