Several months ago I turned off the radio in my truck. Even though I only drive a short distance from my home to my business, I now spend the time thinking about writing.  I work out a current scene that I’m thinking about for a story, how that character will add to the story or how to market a project. 

If I’m in a funk with my writing when I’m sitting in front of the screen trying to pound out a scene or a direction of the story, driving is a nice distraction that allows me to think about stories, characters and situations. I try to keep a notepad close for writing down notes or I can use my phone to record the notes and ideas.

This is a form of cognitive-behavioral implications, divided attention or how we can drive and sing songs or have long conversations. I just know that by turning off the radio and using that time to create and think about my current story and/or project I have increased my productivity.