Jan 272013

Beginning January 15th, 2012 the race is on to fund the first of a series of sketchbooks featuring the art of Mitch Byrd, artist on Guy Gardner: Warrior and Blood and Roses and contributor to Sketch Magazine. The first volume will be: Mitch Byrd Women, Dinosaurs and Random Illustrations Sketchbook. Funding will run for 30 days to reach the initial goal.

One funding incentive will be an ashcan of two never-before-published Mitch Byrd stories printed studio ashcan size with a card stock cover.

There’s also a bonus/stretch goal that promises more pages to the sketchbook if met as well a video with Mitch Byrd doing a Q & A from questions of Kickstarter supporters.

The Kickstarter funding campaign ends on February 14th so go to the project’s page at

and help make the first volume of this sketchbook.