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The Male Torso: The torso is the core of the body that all the other parts are attached to so it is very important that we, as artists, do our best to make those areas look solid and capable of supporting the character they are made for. This is a very detailed tutorial on making a male torso.
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Jason Fabok Interview: DC Comic Artist Jason Fabok talks about how he broke into comics while working with David Finch, how working for Aspen Comics helped him grow, developing his portfolio, what it is like working for DC today and his upcoming project Justice League vs. Suicide Squad.
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Facial Hair: Especially in today's world, it is almost crucial that artists need to know how to draw a variety of facial hair on male characters. The type of facial hair, it's style, length and how well it is kept will all inform the personality of your character before they speak a line of dialogue. This tutorial looks at a variety of facial hair
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Making Money from Your Art: Possibly one of the most commonly ask questions by young artists is "Can I make money at this? And the answer is generally yes but there are caveats. If you go into the arts purely to get rich, you will fail. You will also fail if you go into the arts with the mindset that the money will just "come to you while you are doing what you love."

A love for the art and the work is of paramount importance. Without that, none of the rest of it is even worth it. But a close second needs to be the ability to market yourself and your art to the public. You need to create plans to get your name out there into the world, eyes on your work and butts in the door of whatever space you are exhibiting. It's a struggle for most introverted creative types, but a necessary one.

This video explains why making money from your art is not only realistic, but why there’s never been a better time to make money from your art work then right now and how you can start planning out a strategy.
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