If you think about it the people you went to school with are some of the most important people you’ve ever known. Words or deeds that were said or not said had some kind of impact in the way you grew up.  The way you grew up may have been largely influenced by your life at home, but things with your classmates could have huge impact. That girl or guy you thought was cute. Did they think you were cute? A lot of things can run through your mind and how you act or react to them can play out over the years. In some cases we stay in touch and other times drift apart…

Tonight we had our 35-year class reunion and I’ll tell you that I had a great time seeing those people and catching up. We all got older, wiser, and looked back on those school years with a lot of memories, I’m looking forward to the next one in five years.

Enjoy your days. All of them.


The One.

It could be that special someone, a job, anything. In my case, it is  a great number of things. That someone special is my fiancee Kristi as well as my children,  my ‘job’ is my comics creating work, Sketch Magazine, my friends and best friends. None of it came at once and some of it did not come easily and some things are still developing.

If you want something, you may have to wait, but while you’re waiting, work toward your goal. Work on yourself.  Work on your relationships. Some things may get easier, whie other things mya challenge you.

You may find new Ones to wait for.

Kristi was worth waiting for.

My kids are.

My comics work? Oh. yes, that, too..

There will be other things to discover and you’ll find yours. Let’s continue to share our Ones.

I can’t wait! :)



Just a brief alert to say that I’m here and…I’m back! Ready to talk about mentoring and being mentored and other encouraging stuff!


You never know when others are watching you. It’s true. You’re living your life and things happen; you don’t think much of it since it’s just something that’s happened. You’re writing something. Drawing something. Giving someone an encouraging word. Reading a book. Being kind. Something. You never what it may be, but someone may see it and be inspired in some way.

And the chain continues. That person you inspired may do that for someone else. What an awesome cycle that would be…

You may be a beautiful girl named Karen who kissed a shy, quiet boy on the cheek who realized if she would do that them awesome things were possible. She’s still an awesome friend forty years later.

You maybe a talented artist like Bob McLeod who gave an encouraging portfolio review to a hope-to-be inker, changing his mindset about whether he could be an inker to why wasn’t he working? Still a cool guy.

You might be me. Apparently, I’ve been someone people look up to. I try not to abuse that thought and think about how my kids see me. I want them to be proud to my kids, as much as I’m proud to be their dad.

Of course, the reverse can be true as well. Be mindful of words or deeds that can cut into someone’s confidence. Do good works. Remember that on the way up, you may someday pass those same people on the way down. I’ve heard that a few times..

Be the best YOU you can be. Shine your light for all to see and be guided by.

Go shine.


Whatever you have going on in your life, it’s time to make a decision and that is to move forward. It may be a project you dream about doing, a friendship you need to cherish or save, a relationship you need to build or rebuild. Don’t let things get away from you. It’s too easy to let things slide or fall by the wayside.

Today is your day.


Ever feel as though you aren’t Good Enough? For your job, your relationships, anything good that might come your way? Where does that come from? Does it ever really go away?

I’ve been there.

Some days I’m still there.

I know where some of it started for me. It’s taken me a long time to realize and accept the idea I’m the one responsible for how I’ve acted and reacted throughout my life in ways. Things have affected my decisions and my feelings of not being as awesome as I’m meant to be.

It’s been me all along.

I’m responsible. No one else.

I choose how I’m going to live my life. No one else.

Other things can influence those things, but how much I let it is up to me. Some days may be worse than others, but I can accept that realize that every day is a new day, full of possibilities and promise.

I measure up.

And do you.





My friend Donna Lewis, cartoonist of Reply All http://www.replyallcomic.com/ put forth another question as a writing exercise and commentary.  So, here we go:

What are best tips for getting through tough times?

I’ve been through some times in my life I could have done without. Things change you and if you let them, they can drag you down in an ever-deeper spiral. The easy answer is; Don’t let them get you down. Putting that into practice, though, can be the difficult part. You can become a stronger person from the experience if you are willing to learn from it.

One thing that helped me? Making myself smile. It sounds too simple really, but I there were times I felt myself smiling and it lifted my attitude off the ground. And there are things that make me smile so things started to not feel so dire at that moment. And I learned from that experience.  Give yourself some time and perspective and you’ll see that things really aren’t as bad as you think. Maybe you learn to take things as they come.

If not, make a plan. Look at where you are in your situation, and think about where you want to be. And that’s out of that situation and in a brighter day. So, make a plan to move forward and take some positive steps toward that goal.

When you get through those tough times, you can be an inspiration and a source of encouragement to others who might go through their tough times.  Seeing  you get through your struggles can let others know that it’s possible  for them to get through theirs.

So, smile. You can make it.



StormQuest is one of the comics I’ve been involved with over the past several years, as an inker, now as a writer) If you’ve followed me, or gone to school with me, or been mentored by me, here’s a chance to see that first mini-series collected into a single volume. Go check it out and pledge. And share the link to help make this campaign happen.




The StormQuest: TimeStorm graphic novel offers fans a chance to read the beginning of the SkyStorm Universe.
StormQuest: TimeStorm is a 150+ page full color graphic novel written by Tom and Mary Bierbaum (DC’s Legion of Superheroes, Legionaries) Illustrated by Greg Land (Marvel’s Iron Man, X-Men), Willie Peppers (Southern Knights), Jerry Foley, Bill Nichols and Robert W. Hickey.
StormQuest: TimeStorm is the opening chapter of the ongoing tale of the SkyStorm Universe. In TimeStorm we see a group of curious explorers create havoc and rip a hole in time, transforming them with enhanced powers and bringing out the nobility to fix the wrongs that they may have caused to the timestream. StormQuest


Donna A. Lewis, friend and creator of the strip Reply Al http://www.replyallcomic.com/l, proposed answering these questions as something to do, a writing exercise if nothing else. The first question is: 1. Think of something (an activity, a job) to which you’re really committed and that takes up a lot of your time. Why do you do it? Do you consider it time well spent? Why or why not? What would make you stop being involved? ……okay, write!


My activity

Creating comics and stories is something to which I have devoted much of my life. I write comics and a comic strip, let part of my brain work on plot threads and character details during the day, ink some pages and pictures, and when I’m not doing, I feel guilty for not doing it. I have creative things to do and I try to do them as I can.


Would I give it up? Actually, I did for awhile several years ago. My wife and I had separated and I was still working on things. One day, I thought: What if I took all that energy I expend and thought I devote to creating comics and invest it in my wife and family. And I did just that. I quit. I “retired” from comics. My true friends understood what I needed to do for the sake of my family and marriage, especially one of my best ones, Bob Hickey.


For awhile, it worked. Part of it, that is. I fell back in love with my wife; something I never thought would happen, but in the end, only one of us changed and the marriage still ended. The part of it that stayed was becoming a better father and, you know, anything and everything is worth that. Sometimes things just don’t work out, but in the end, I may be a better man for the experience. I like to think so, anyway.


And perhaps it helped me to not be so/as bitter about the breakup, I don’t know. I think I see that there needs to be more of a balance in my life. I can live and love and still create comics and stories while making memories with my kids, family and friends.


Creating comics is part of who I am and I’ll keep doing it.Writing stories. Inking. And being a good dad (and my kids want me to be me,and do what I do.) (I have great kids.) :)


Okay, that’s a stretch, a big one, but the idea is to strive to better in as many things as I am. And that entails a lot.

I have things to prove, mostly to myself.

It seems that I keep accepting projects from other people as if to prove to myself that there’s somebody else that wants my talents as a writer or as an inker. Not that it isn’t cool to branch out or to be asked, but sometimes I seem to do it to the detriment of our own projects. Maybe I just want to prove that someone else would have me.

Yeah, that explains a lot.

So, to be more awesome I’ll have to keep take steps forward, not backward, not sideways. As a dad, as a friend, a creator, as a mentor and in so many ways.

I hope the best for you in the coming year and I hope that you’ll do the same for me and for the others in your life. Take your steps forward so that we’re all moving along our paths, sometimes together, other times apart. Let’s accomplish some things, and kick some butt. Create some comics and some memories.

Be better.

Be well.


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