What inspires you to create and keeps you going?
Seeing what other artists are doing, mainly. Also, my fans wanting more art from me.

Do you have a set routine?
No, I just work when I need to, and try to stop at dinner time.

What kind of output do you try to achieve?
Only what I need to do to pay the bills. I’m not driven to create anymore after 45 years of doing comic art.

What inspires you WHEN you create? Music? Noise? Silence?
Usually silence, so I can concentrate. Sometimes I’ll put music on.

Who was the first comic book creator that influenced you to pursue
I guess I’d have to say Walt Disney, then Mort Drucker.

When did you realize you could follow this path yourself?
I decided when I was five I would be a cartoonist. I always had confidence I could do it.

What do you find to be a challenge in creating?
The many distractions of the telephone, family, visitors, beautiful weather, other interests….

What else do you have to learn?
I want to learn more about painting. I’ve worked mostly in black & white my whole career.

What keeps you motivated to get better?
Seeing what other artists are doing.

Can you turn your brain (creativity) off (and on)?
Yes, if I’m doing another activity or socializing. If I’m inactive I start thinking creatively.


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What advice do you have for aspiring creators?

Create as much and as often as you can. Be ambitious to become as good as you can. Persevere. Master your craft.

Do you ever worry about running out of ideas?
No, ideas are the easy part. Making them into good ideas and executing them well is the hard part.

How do you handle the slow times?
It’s been a long time since I had a slow time, but when I did, I made work for myself and tried to sell it, and looked for other markets.

How do you feel about the industry?
It’s too much about money now, and too cold and impersonal, with no loyalty. The comics aren’t as fun as they used to be, for the most part.

What would you say is your crowning achievement thus far?
I guess I would have to say co-creating the New Mutants. That and just making a living as a self-employed artist for 45 years so far.

Bob McLeod


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